Aadhaar Relaxation For Students In Punjab

Aadhaar is a unique identification number that contains 12 digits in itself. It is a mandatory document as it runs all across India. It is issued by the unique identification authority of India (UIDAI). Aadhaar service is a voluntary Service by the Indian government to their residents means the residents do not have to pay any amount on the registration process, however, the future changes of the demographic and biometric data may charge up to the number of rupees INR 50. The purpose behind the free registration process is that the government wants to enroll as many as residents they can in their system to prevent major crimes such as security problems the smuggling issue and much more in the country. Aadhaar is a necessity for the residents of India and it is the duty of the residents or applicants to apply & get their Aadhaar as soon as possible as it plays an important role in the identification process at various phases of life. UIDAI had made a lot of updating in their system by launching the Aadhaar app.

Previously, the news was reported that in Chandigarh India, it was compulsory for the students to get their Aadhaar card. The schedule was also announced by the management that how the biometric update will be done. At first, the primary section will be covered and then the secondary and higher secondary section will be done. But keeping in view the difficulties faced by students and their parents, a notification has been issued in Chandigarh. This is to deal with the issues that the students are facing with The Punjab Education Department. Now, the provincial government has released new guidelines for students seeking admission to government colleges. Heads of schools are being guided not to deny entry. Now, no student will be denied admission due to a lack of documentation.

According to a spokesperson for the Department of Education, the new guidelines were released because many students were having problems due to a lack of documentation. According to the RTE Act 2009, the school head has been ordered to enroll students in classes one to eight based on their age. Students who do not have an Aadhaar card have been asked to register and then produce their Aadhaar card later. Aside from that, schools are not permitted to ask for the registration number issued by the Punjab school education board for students enrolling in grades nine to twelve.

Similarly, transfer credential requirements for entry to government schools have been removed, and school administrators have been instructed to accept students at their own standard. The school principal has been told to get written permission from the parents of students who do not have a transfer certificate. Students are also not required to produce a birth certificate in order to enroll in government schools, according to the instructions. These students will be admitted on a conditional basis, according to the school heads.