Aadhaar Mandatory To Receive Social Security Code Benefit

In India, every person is issued a unique identity which is called Aadhaar and contains 12 digit numeric fields. It is a single point of interaction across numerous sectors in the country. As the population of the country is very huge, Government established UIDAI to perform all the tasks and duties necessary to make this happen. The enrollment process to get the Aadhaar is done via hundreds of Aadhaar centers set up in numerous areas of the country. Within a decade, a huge population of the country has been enrolled in the UIDAI system. Any person who is living in India for more than 182 days or more can obtain Aadhar. The process to obtain Aadhaar card is very straightforward. You just have to visit any nearby Aadhaar kendra to get enrolled. If you want to save time, download the form from UIDAI’s official web portal. Please keep in mind that the applicant can apply for the Aadhar by submitting the required documents. Once your application is received, you will get an Aadhaar card within 90 days from the date of application. Please keep in mind that the enrollment process is 100% free from the Government.

The purpose of this is to bring as many people to the UIDAI database as possible. There are two important pieces of information that are saved during the Aadhaar enrollment process. One is demographic details while the other is biometric details. A large portion of the country earns income by doing jobs in various public and private sectors. As Government’s objective is to provide social benefits to these workers as much as they can, it is the dire need to have a correct database of the workers.

The importance of Aadhaar cannot be ruled out in this current scenario. It is demanded at every place. Whether you are going to the hospital or going to claim an employee’s benefit such as social security, Aadhaar is the must-have document to identify your authenticity and eligibility. In order to keep things in proper shape, the Labor Ministry has clearly issued a new policy that now the workers seeking social benefits have to share their Aadhaar details with the ministry of labor and employment. The labor secretary clarified that though the rule legally authorizes the ministry to collect Aadhaar details from workers under Social Security Code 2020. But this does not mean any worker will be denied access to benefit just because of Aadhaar absence.

The relaxation is effective up to such time when this new rule is notified officially. Once the Social Security Code 2020 gets implemented, social security benefits of works will be linked with their respective Aadhaar number. Please keep in mind that this will cover not only benefits receivable from the ministry of labor& employment (e.g. insurance & retirement rewards) but also other welfare schemes such as education including scholarships & housing that fall under the jurisdiction of other ministries. According to the Government, the reason behind such linking is to facilitate database creation. The main focus is on informal sector workers. These include a large portion of immigrants that face severe problems in receiving the social benefits.